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HoundDog is a VB.Net desktop application that was developed for Kroger. It is a reporting application that pulls data from multiple sources and combines that data into the specified report. Prior to the development of HoundDog, a user would have to login to 3 to 5 different systems, copy/paste the data from each system into Excel, then manually rearrange the data for the report. With HoundDog, the user only needs to login to HoundDog, select their criteria for the report, and click on the Get Data button. HoundDog will search and retrieve the necessary data and combine it into a report that can be exported to Excel.

(Est. Time Saved Per Report: 1 Hour 50 Min)

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Recon is a VB6 desktop application that was developed for Kroger to store reclaimatin contracts in a database. The previous system was to print the contracts and store them in a group of binders. Whenever they needed to check on a contract, they had to leaf through the binders to find it. An added advantage of storing the contracts in a database was that the contract information could be sent to downstream systems to ensure that the correct codes were in place.

(Est. Time Saved Per Contract: 30 Min)

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Advertising Review Center

ARC is a VB.Net application that was developed for Kroger to add, review, and approve comments for the weekly sales ads. ARC originaly was intended to be a 6 month app to solve an immediate crisis until Kroger was able to purchase a 3rd party application. Today, ARC is the enterprise system that is used to handle all weekly sales ad comments for every division in Kroger. Prior to ARC, comments were handed by using Excel spreadsheets, one per division. The problem with this was that only one person could be in a spreadsheet at a time. Every week 450-500 people were fighting to get into 20 different spreadsheets before the ad deadline. Arc allowed them to add their comments into a central database so that the advertising team could review and accept or reject a comment.

(Est. Time Saved Per Week Per User: 1 Hour)

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